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Welcome to my latest writing project!


Dear Readers,

Welcome to my blog! After a blogging hiatus that has lasted a little over a year I'm re-discovering my love of writing, reporting, documenting, and sharing my little corner of the universe with whomever wishes to stop by.

Aside from going to law school, I spend my days reading, cooking, socializing, excersizing, dreaming, and trying to figure out where I belong in this still reletively new city, Sydney Australia. Since relocating from Toronto, Canada two and a half years ago, many (many) questions have found answers, and yet each resolution seems to give way to yet another connundrum. I am so lucky to get to share my days with the love of my life, and yet I miss my friends in Canada Every. Single. Day. Australia's tropical summers are impossible to beat, yet my bones miss the seasons... I love the year round supply of mouthwateringly juicy, fresh fruit but hate that dry roasted spicy chicken wings do not exist anywhere this side of the equator!

With this blog as a platform, I hope to grow as a writer, and as a person. Even if no one reads it, I hope that in sharing funny moments. happy memories and dreams for the future, questions will eventually find their answers and life will contine to take shape.

I love hearing from readers so please feel free to leave a comment, or email me at acuppacoco[at]